What To Expect

Yes - We are operating safely!
What are we doing to adhere to current guidelines?

To comply with current guidelines and restrictions, we have implemented some changes to our operation to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.

Our facility is almost 7000 sq ft with an occupancy of 400+, but we have changed booking allowances which will keep the headcount less than 50 (10% occupancy). This allows for ample space for social distancing and gathering.

The new booking guidelines will restrict each range to only one booking to eliminate sharing with other groups. We have also reduced the max number of people allowed per range from 12 to 6. Each range is 10-12' apart so different groups will not be crowded. How close you get to someone else is up to your discretion.

We will also be encouraging each participant to wash hands or sanitize them before, during, and after throwing. We have purchased extra axes so that a new set will be used with each group.

Click here to download the .pdf format Release, Waiver, and Assumption of Risk Form.


  • We are an indoor facility and have AC, a must in Southeast Texas.
  • You can bring you own food
  • We now serve a select variety of bottled beer.
  • We have a lobby with tables for spectators to enjoy the show.